Our support begins with an installation where your needs are our scope of work.

If there is something we can’t do, we’ll help you find the person who can do it. When it is installed and ready to be connected we provide you with free patching. We’ll make sure that the patch cables you buy are the right lengths, then we’ll patch all your active nodes for free. No hidden costs. We want your network administrator to learn how to keep the network orderly throughout its life.


Change happens! And when it does TMS is there to respond. We have a staff of technicians with trucks and tools fully loaded with the typical parts required for just about any of your fast track needs, and we’ll respond quickly for your moves, adds, or changes. If something has slipped through the cracks and now it’s an emergency we’ll do our best meet your challenge.

To learn more about what TMS can do for you, call 408-866-5495