The TMS Process

Network Design

The first and most important task in any project is good design. TMS has BICSI certified Registered Communications Distribution Designers on staff to make sure your cable plant is standards based and supports the tools you use to succeed.

Network Installation

A trained staff using good practices will give you an infrastructure of the highest quality. Add to that an understanding that one must serve in order to provide customer service and you have the TMS installer. There can be no us without you.

Moves & Changes

Your environment is dynamic. We try to cover all the bases during the initial installation but the fact is businesses grow. As you change, we respond. A single point of contact gets your needs put on our schedule. Relocate a fax machine or reconfigure a data center and our schedule will meet yours.


Every installation we do is accomplished with the goal of you not having to do this sort of thing. If you think you may have a problem, TMS technicians can diagnose those problems to minimize downtime and allow you to maintain your network systems with complete confidence in the physical layer.


If your existing cable plant is in a state of disarray due to years of undocumented adds, moves and changes, TMS can survey and document your cable plant and provide databases as well as CAD documents. Knowing what you have available will allow you to make intelligent decisions regarding future investments.

Why Us

You have to cover all your bases in order to maintain a complex telecommunications infrastructure. So you better have experienced and dependable players to cover those bases. TMS is that proven performer, making the complex simple, everyday.

To learn more about what TMS can do for you, call 408-866-5495